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Our Beginner Course covers how to properly throw punches, kicks, and combinations. Establishing a good fundamental base is important to progress with Bang Muay Thai Online. 

We start with the essential techniques that everyone needs to know! By the end of this course, you will know the right material to progress with your striking. 

Duane Ludwig has over 30 years of martial arts knowledge. Let him guide you on your journey to be the best martial artist you can be. “To become the best, you must train with the best”

What The Pros Have To Say About The Bang Muay Thai System

Bas Rutten

Bang Muay Thai (BMT) is the world's elite striking system for Mixed Marital Arts.

TJ Dillashaw

The Bang Muay Thai System & "Duane Ludiwig" have brought out the champion in me.

Joe Rogan

I love what "Duane Ludwig" is doing with martial arts. He is bringing back traditional honor & respect in martial arts, but with real effective drills & techniques.

Juan Archuleta

The Bang Muay Thai System & "Duane Ludwig" has taken my fighting IQ to the World Championship level.

Trevor Wittman

The Bang Muay Thai System is the perfect striking system for anyone trying to take their game to the next level

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